Dear DHPE Members, Partners and Supporters,


It is will great sadness to announce that the Directors of Health Promotion and Education (DHPE) have finally closed our doors after being in operation for 72 years. The Association of State and Territorial Directors of Health Promotion and Public Health Education (ASTDHPPHE) dba the Directors of Health Promotion and Education (DHPE) is dissolving. As with many non-profits in recent years, DHPE has been challenged to do more with less.  

On behalf of the Board of Directors of DHPE, I want to thank all of you who have contributed to the success of DHPE over its 72-year history.  We have accomplished so much toward our shared mission of strengthening public health capacity in policy and in systems change to improve the health of all and achieve health equity. 

Although DHPE is dissolving, the programs that we collectively have worked hard to establish and maintain will be continuing under new leadership. The assets of these programs have been given to the excellent caretakers, which are highlighted below.

Again, thank you for all your hard work and support of all our programs, and we hope you will utilize some of these resources as your agency pursues future policy, systems and environmental change approaches to improve the health of our communities and the Nation!

The Society for Public Health Education (SOPHE), a nonprofit organization with our shared goals and vision, will maintain the balance of DHPE programs, that are NOT designated below, on their website. We want all of our former members and partners to reach out to SOPHE as an organizational home and/or resource for future professional development. They will be offering special membership pricing for former members of DHPE. SOPHE can be reached at: https://www.sophe.org/

Should you have a need to contact DHPE, we will have email access for a few more months at: info@dhpe.org or dsammons-hackett@dhpe.org


DHPE Programs and New Homes:

Systems Change for Health

Starting January 1, 2018, Carolyn Crump, PhD and James Emery, MPH - the curriculum developers for Systems Change for Health (SCH) - will be administrating and operating the program. You may view the courses at the new website: 


You can learn more about the authors at: http://UNCHealthySolutions.web.unc.edu . Thank you for your continued support of and/or interest in the Systems Change for Health (SCH) training program!

Minority Internship and Fellowship Program

The Association of State Public Health Nutritionists (ASPHN) is operating the Health Equity Internship Program starting in January 2017. Please send your emails and inquiries to ASPHN Executive Director Karen Probert at internship@asphn.orgThank you for your interest in the Health Equity Internship Program!

Lupus Health Education Program

The purpose of the DHPE Lupus Health Education Program entitled LEAP is to reduce lupus related health disparities among racial and ethnic minority populations disproportionately affected by this disease by conducting a national lupus education initiative. The caretaker agreement is still under development.

National Implementation and Dissemination for Chronic Disease Prevention Initiative

The CDC-funded National Implementation and Dissemination for Chronic Disease Prevention Initiative, also referred to as Partnering4Health has come to an end. DHPE would like to thank each of you for your participation and support of the project over the past three years. Several resources have been created as a part of Partnering4Health and these resources are available to you and your affiliates to be utilized in the future. Learn more below:

  • The Partnering4Health white paper has been released.  The white paper includes both a summary documentas well as pull-outs for each focus area of physical activity, nutrition, smoke-free environments and community clinical linkages. 
  • The Partnering4Health microsite hosts the white paper as well as additional resources from the national project. The site is hosted by the Society of Public Health Education (SOPHE) at http://partnering4health.org
  • DHPE created an online sustainability course, featuring several community partners.  The course also has an accompanying toolkit created by SOPHE.
  • A  final video integrates interviews with national partners, including American Health Association, American Planning Association, and the National WIC Association, from the Denver meeting. 
How to use the Web Site
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This blog will provide tips and information on using the tools and features within this web site.


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Changing Membership to a Non-Member

Posted By Administration, Friday, January 9, 2015

If you would like to change to a non-member which provides community access (groups you are a member of) without membership benefits, follow the instructions below. 

1. Login to the DHPE web site.

2. Click on Securely renew your membership now »

3. Under Membership Information, change the membership type to Community Non-member from the drop down.

4. Follow the instructions to complete the transition.

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Assigning Individuals to your Voting + 4 or Partner Membership

Posted By Wendy Sahli, Friday, January 4, 2013
Updated: Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Voting members can purchase up to 4 associate memberships for individuals within your state.  Partners can purchase up to 5 associate memberships for individuals within your organization.  To renew or upgrade to these options, click on Membership Info.

To assign individuals to your open slots, you can easily create/assign sub-accounts using the instructions below.

1.  Log into the dhpe.org web site.

2.  Under My Profile, select Manage Profile.

3.  Select My Sub-accounts.

New to this member type/sub-accounts?

The page will show you a direct link with a personalized Public Key which you can copy and paste and email directly to those you want to join under your account.  You can also use the box below that to type in their email addresses.  The system will send them an invitation with this link to join through your account.

WEIRD NOTE:  That link will expire in 7 days from the date you email them.  Select (get a new public key) to create a new one if you need to.

If you don't want them to join themselves, select Create an Account on their behalf.  We recommend ensuring that person does not have a profile in the web site already.  Use the Community Search box to search for their name before using that form.  If they have one, you'll want to simply email them the invitation so they can use it for their membership.

Renewing with this member type?

This page will show you your sub-account direct link as usual but it will also show you the individuals you've added to your membership account.

Beside each name, you can select to edit their status, detach their membership from your account, suspend the membership account, view their login stats, and even sign in as them if they are active.

Still need help?  We can assign people to your account for you.  Just send us an email with their full name, organization, and email.

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Reset your password

Posted By Wendy Sahli, Tuesday, June 19, 2012

If you are logged in but want to simply change your password:

Under My Profile, go to Manage Profile and then select Edit Bio.  Beside "password" is a change link where you can change it right online.

If you forgot your password:

Click on log in in the upper right-hand of any page on our web site.  Click on Forgot your password? and put in the email address used to create your profile.  It will email you a password reset.

Can DHPE send me my password?

We cannot look up passwords as they are encrypted for your security.  We can reset them for you if you have difficulty.  Contact us for assistance.

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Changing your non-membership to join DHPE

Posted By Wendy Sahli, Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Community non-members can join DHPE at any time to become a dues paying member for new benefits including significant discounts on Shaping Policy for Health trainings, free webinars, newsletter, and upcoming interactive DHPE member institute.

Under My Profile on the right, click on Membership Info.  Here you can Upgrade your membership and select an associate membership.  Those assuming voting membership roles can also upgrade thorugh here.

Contact us if you need any assistance!

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News items on home page blank?????

Posted By Wendy Sahli, Friday, May 25, 2012

Are the news items on the home page not loading?  This is a security feature in IE.

Allowing them will not affect the security of your overall system.  IE has a feature which by default prompts you if there is content being loaded that is separate from the html in the page.  That's because our news is loading an RSS feed of our news so you can see the latest information posted.

You probably see this from other sites as well and it gets a little annoying!  You can disable it without harming your security.

Here are the steps to turn off this pesky warning box:

  • Launch Internet Explorer.
  • Go to Tools -> Internet Options.
  • Then, navigate to Security tab.
  • Select Internet zone (default selection).
  • Click on "Custom level” button below the "Security level for this zone” section.
  • Click the Enabled radio button for "Display mixed content, under Miscellaneous section.

If you have any other problems with it, please don't hesitate to contact us!

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Printing Shaping Policy for Health Certificates

Posted By Wendy Sahli, Wednesday, April 18, 2012
Updated: Wednesday, March 19, 2014

After you have attended a Shaping Policy for Health Training or a DHPE Webinar or event, your host will notify us of your attendance and we will give you the ability to print Certificates of Attendance.  These are NOT certificates for MCHES or CHES CEUs.  The NCHEC organization will issue those separately upon DHPE providing the list attendees who have provided us with CHES/MCHES numbers.

Here's how you access certificates:

1. Log in to the web site if you aren't currently logged in.

2. Under My Profile on the right-hand side, click on Manage Profile.

3. Click on Professional Development.

4. Click on the Certifications/Programs tab if that is not the default.

4. Find the event you would like to print a certificate for and to the left of that event title, click on the certificate icon .

5. A separate screen will open with a print button at the top to print for you.

Simple and sweet!


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Change What Others See in your Profile

Posted By Wendy Sahli, Wednesday, April 11, 2012

You can change what is available publicly on your profile.  By default, DHPE only shows professional information on your profile.  DHPE does not sell lists of any kind to any entity outside of DHPE.

Update your profile:

  1. Log in to the web site
  3. Select EDIT BIO
  4. To change what can be seen, beside each line of your profile information, select the padlock to open or closed to change what is viewable.

If you'd like to remove your profile from view completely, we are happy to do that, just send us a Contact Us or email us at info@dhpe.org.  Removing a profile will eliminate the ability to participate in groups, forums, blogs, or log in for restricted groups on the web site.

Check out our online Disclaimer and Privacy Policy for details on what we do with the information we collect on the site.

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Turn off Email Notifications

Posted By Wendy Sahli, Wednesday, April 11, 2012

You can easily turn off email notifications that are sent by the web site.

Follow these steps to opt out of web notifications.

  1. Once logged in, Go to MANAGE PROFILE on the right.
  2. Select PREFERENCES from the list or just go right.
  3. You will see a whole list of notifications you can turn on or off. To turn off being notified when someone posts their photo to the membership group, uncheck "Email me when someone uploads a photo to a group of which I am a member"

To opt out from DHPE bulk emails that we send to users.

  1. At the bottom of all emails sent, there is a link to click to opt out of receiving emails.
  2. You can also email us at info@dhpe.org and we will be glad to remove you from future emails.

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Print a Membership Card

Posted By Wendy Sahli, Friday, March 2, 2012

You can now print your personalized DHPE Membership Card right from your profile.

Under My Profile on the right, select Manage Profile and select Membership Card to view and Print the card right to your printer.

This option is only available for DHPE Voting and Associate Members.  If you are not a current member, we invite you to take a look at the benefits of membership and welcome you to join.

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You Can Now Publish Your Content to the Public

Posted By Wendy Sahli, Tuesday, February 28, 2012
Community Members who have a public profile may now publish some types of content to all site visitors. The item-specific visibility option of "Members Only" (meaning DHPE members and Community Non-Members, login required) or "Everyone" (no login is required) is now available for each of the following profile content features:
  • Blogs
  • Pages
  • Photo Gallery
  • Files & Links

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Enhanced Privacy Options Now Available

Posted By Wendy Sahli, Tuesday, February 28, 2012
Community members who have a public profile visible to all site visitors may now choose from three field visibility options. For each field where visibility may be specified, a user with a profile may now choose to hide the field entirely, show it only to other users or show it to everyone.

While editing your profile bio, select from the following list of field visibility options:

Public (Visible to Everyone)
Members Only (Visible Only to Members)
Private (Not Visible in Profile)

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Getting Started

Posted By Wendy Sahli, Friday, January 20, 2012

Welcome!  We are glad you're here!  So now that you have a profile, what do you do?

Click on Manage Profile and see all of the tools you have.  Go through each one and learn what they do and how you can use them.  This blog contains detailed instructions on each tool as well if you have questions.

Set up your Bio.  Under Manage Profile, Edit Bio, provide as much or as little information as you'd lile.  Uncheck the boxes beside the items you don't wish to show publicly.

Add your photo to your profile.  Click on Profile Home and mouseover the image box for your photo.  A small icon will appear in the upper-left to select to uplaod a photo or edit one you have there.

See who else is here!  Search for people you know or find some you don't know and Connect with them by clicking the Add Connection icon under their name in the search results.

Check out the Community-wide tools on our Networking page and visit a forum or a read a blog.

Share, collaborate, exchange and grow – that's why we're here and we hope you are too. Engage and explore anytime, from anywhere there's a web connection.

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Certification & Subscriptions

Posted By Wendy Sahli, Tuesday, December 27, 2011
Updated: Sunday, January 12, 2014


This web site allows you to track your own certifications, including CHES credits. 

Important to note:  DHPE does not assign CHES credits to you, but some of our events do provide CHES credits with attendance.  In these cases, DHPE sends lists of attendees who have provided us with their CHES/MCHES number to NCHEC for assigning the credits.

Under My Profile - Manage Profile, select Professional Development.  Scroll down to view your certificates.

To view certificates earned, click on the Certifications/Programs tab beside the Journal Entries tab.

Create a new Journal Entry to begin tracking a certification.  You can update the number of credits you receive for a certification.  DHPE provides CHES credits for some events and trainings.


You have the option to subscribe to a blog or a forum.  These can be on the community (site-wide) level, group level, or profile level.

Select Subscribe at the top of any forum or blog you'd like to follow.  These will give you updates of postings within them.  Email notifications will be sent to you.

You can manage what you are subscribed to under My Profile - Manage Profile - Subscriptions.  Remove subscriptions at any time.

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Files & Links

Posted By Administration, Tuesday, December 27, 2011

This is your own personal file library for files and links.  You can select to share the additions with others or keep them private.

Select Files and Links under My Profile to get started.

Select Add a New Item and select option for URL or file.  Follow instructions on the page to upload your file or post your link with a description.

Select Manage my Files & Links if the edit options do not show up beside the files.  Edit and remove as you need.

These that you post with the shared option, will show up under the Files & Links area under your profile area +More when people view your profile.

Group administrators, the use of files is important to creating custom pages within your group.  Check out the Group administrator instructions sent to you for more details.

That's all folks!

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Posted By Administration, Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Photos can be added to a profile or group.

Under My Profile - Manage Profile, select Photo Gallery.

Upload a photo and/or create an album (a category of photos).  You can add a caption to the photo and tags for searching.  Select to allow comments if you'd like.

You can upload multiple photos using the multi-file applet (an option at the top) but you will need to add captions, etc. after you upload the photos.

Manage photos within your gallery in this same area to remove or edit them.

Files must be in JPG, GIF, or PNG image format.  No single file or batch upload larger than 30MB and for usability, we recommend no larger than 10MB.

Personal Photo Album: Images will be uploaded to your personal page and visible to other community members. You may manage photos uploaded to your personal photo album at anytime.

Group Photo Album: Images are posted on the group homepage you have selected. If you are a group administrator or the particular group allows images to be posted without review then your uploaded images will be visible immediately, otherwise they will need to be approved before being visible by other members.

Note that you cannot switch photos between a group to a personal album and vice versa.  You will need to reupload in the respective area.

Images or photos posted that did not originate from the person posting it must include correct annotations in the caption and permission as required by the owner of the photo.  Please follow copyright laws when posting photos.  DHPE has the right to remove any photos for any reason.  Photos of children under the age of 18 must provide DHPE with a signed agreement from the parent/guardian permitting public sharing of their child's photo via the internet.  Photos may not contain nudiity or promotion of a product of service.  Photos must maintain professionalism and adhere to our web site disclaimer and privacy policy.

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Favorites & Networks

Posted By Administration, Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Two little things that are easy to explain so I combined them!

What's your favorite page on the web site?

Well you can save it!  On almost every page and tool within the web site, at the top right is a little star.  Clicking on the star sets it to your favorites list in your profile.  Forms and tools where you are entering information will not show a star.

Like bookmarking, this saves your selections for quick access back to that page.  You can manage favorites by selecting Favorites under My Profile.  There you can choose to share your favorites or keep them private.

Networks are a super little option.

These are links to your social networks you have a profile on such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, etc.  Select your network, put in your profile link, and you have a quick spot to save all of them.  Once you've added a network, the icon for that network pops up on your profile for people to visit your site.

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Posted By Administration, Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The word Blog is a well-known word in the internet, however in this web site, a blog is much more powerful.

Blogs let you create an entry with a file and images, tags for search optimization, commenting, and scoring options.  Subscribing to a blog sends notifications via email of new postings.

There are multiple types of blogs within the web site.  Community Blogs are blogs that are site-wide blogs set up by DHPE.

Group Blogs are shared within a group only.

Profile Blogs are individual and within the profile of a person.

Create a New Blog under any of these.  This is a topic or category indicating what the postings will be about.  You can set up preferences for commenting, voting/scoring, etc.  The blog itself has to be created before any postings.  Creating blogs within groups depend on your restrictions within your group.  Contact your group administrator for help.

Add a Post under any created blog.

Within the post you can attach files, videos, images, tags for easy searching, allow comments, and format the text as you like using the html editor.

Subscribe to any blog by selecting Subscribe at the top of the blog.  This gives you immediate update notifications via email that a post has been added.  RSS feed is also an option for a blog.

Content or files posted that did not originate from the person posting it must include correct annotations in the caption and permission as required by the owner of the content. DHPE has the right to remove any posting for any reason. Photos of children under the age of 18 must provide DHPE with a signed agreement from the parent/guardian permitting public sharing of their child's photo via the internet. Content may not promotion of a product of service. Content must maintain professionalism and adhere to our web site disclaimer and privacy policy.

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Posted By Administration, Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Messages provides a way to communication with individuals personally within the web site.

Manage Messages

You can view your message by selecting Messages under your My Profile.  It will show your Inbox and Sent Messages.  The system automatically sends a message for you when you request a Connection.

Like an email Inbox, you can create folders to manage your messages.

Right on that page, you can select to message Connections individually or all together.

Select Message a Member to search for a member by name.

You can search for anyone using the Search Box on the upper-left of the site.  Click on their name to get to their profile to message them.


At the top of every profile (above their photo) is a Message option.  Select that to message them individually.

The Message page opens an online HTML editor so you can add formatting, etc. to your message.  You can even upload a file.

When clicking send, the individual will receive the message in their inbox on the web site.

Depending on their personal preferences, they may also receive an email notification they have a message.  Only a notification is sent, not the actual message.

Bulk Messaging

You can message more than one profile at a time.  Through My Connections you can message all connections together.  On some groups, they also alow you to message all group members at one time.  Each group varies depending on their settings.  Check with your Group administrator if you're unsure.


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Posted By Administration, Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Connections are a fun and easy way to create a quick list of your favorite people.

What happens when you connect with someone?

You can updates of any changes to their profile via your feed, you can send them a private message, and you can chat live with them if they are Online.  Connections are also listed on your profile home for quick access.

How do you connect?

Find their profile by using the Search box at the top left and typing in their name.  If they have a profile, select their name and click Connect.  Because the Connect is on all profiles, you can click it whenever you are in a profile from a Group, or a Forum, etc.

A box will pop up to let you type in a personal invitation (optional) and you will notify that person via email (or through their message box) that you'd like to connect.

Once they accept, you will get a message back that they have accepted.

Remove a connection

You can View Connections from your Profile Home or under Manage Profile.  Check the box beside the person and select Delete Selected Connection.

They will not be notified of your removal.

Preferences & Messaging

Under View Connections, you can Message All My Connections.  This puts a message in their inbox and may send them an email notification (depending on their preferences).  The message itself will not be emailed though, just a notification.

There is a Preferences option as well so you can set your notification preference of when you want to receive notifications of updates from your connections.  This is a snippet of selections from all of your Preferences which can be set under Manage Profile.

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Profile Home & Public Profile

Posted By Administration, Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Every site user who registers as a member or community non-member has a profile on the site.  Once logged in, you can view your Profile Home or your Public Profile by selecting either on the right-hand side box under My Profile.

Profile Home

This shows your most recent activity within the site.  Only you can see your Profile Home as it's shown.

The My Feeds shows your recent connections, postings, and updates on people you are connected with.

On the left-hand side, you get quick links to My Groups and to My Connections.

Beside the tab for My Feeds, is a tab for My Wall, and My Bio

Click the My Wall tab to write quick notes about yourself you'd like others to see.  This is your personal Wall.  You can also write on Walls of others you have connected with.

My Bio tab shows all of your contact information.  You can edit the information by selecting edit beside each section. 

Note that when you edit My Profile, you have check boxes to the left of some of the areas of information.  Unchecking those makes that section invisible to others.

Above your photo, there is a link for Profile Pages.  These are pages which you've created within the My Profile - Manage Profile - Pages tool.

To the right of that, is a + More selection which gives quick links to your Favorites, Blogs, Photo Gallery, and Files & Links.  All sections which are also managed in the Manage Profile area.

Check out the blog entry on Manage Profile for extended info on each feature.

Public Profile

Much like the Profile Home except it shows only what others can see when accessing your public profile.

By default, your bio will show as the default tab.  Your Wall is also viewable by clicking on the Wall tab.

Individuals can Connect with you by selecting Connect above your photo.

Selecting Profile Pages shows the web pages you have created.

The groups you belong to you are under your profile.

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Setting Up Your Preferences

Posted By Administration, Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Personalize your preferences of notifications by following these steps.

  1. Once logged in, Go to MANAGE PROFILE on the right.
  2. Select PREFERENCES from the list or just go right.
  3. You will see a whole list of notifications you can turn on or off. To turn off being notified when someone posts their photo to the membership group, uncheck "Email me when someone uploads a photo to a group of which I am a member"

There are two options for digest emails. These send you notifications for group and forum updates in one digest email sent weekly. The emails are called newsletters but they are really just a summary of activity within your group or subscribed forum.

Update your profile:

  1. Log in to the web site
  3. Select EDIT BIO to change your account information, contact information, select which information is viewable, and put in additional information about yourself.

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RSS Feeds

Posted By Administration, Wednesday, December 21, 2011

RSS feeds are available through multiple tools within the site.

All items that have the RSS icon at the top right can be subscribed to as a feed.

News: This is the RSS feed for all news items posted on Latest News. Too much? Filter by different news categories provided on the right-hand side when viewing the feed link.

Forums: ANY forum such as inthose within a group or in the general community forum. Find that little iconto view the RSS feeds within that forum.

Community Calendar: Items posted to the community calendar are added to an RSS feed. We post all plant science events sent our wayso be sure to check this one out!

Blogs: Community-wide & Group blogs both provide an RSS option. However,individual profile blogs though do not.

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All About Groups

Posted By Administration, Wednesday, December 21, 2011

DHPE's new site includes Online Groups. These groups are for those who have a similar interest in something. You can get to know one another, contribute to a conversation, share your thoughts, learn from others, and feel free to stay awhile. There is a DHPE members-only group, public groups, and private working groups.


To see/enter a group you are a member of, select "Groups" on the right-hand side under MY PROFILE to view groups you belong to. DHPE members automatically are required to select the members-only group as their primary group upon joining or renewing.

Your Primary Group is the group at the top of your group list. Change by selecting the group at the bottom.

Select a group name.


On the left-hand navigation, mouse-over Networking and select Online Groups. Click on the type of group you'd like to join to see the listings within. Select the group name and select Join Group at the top. Restricted groups will give a note that they require invitation to join.


Tools that are available within a group depend on the rights assigned by DHPE and/or group administrators. Different groups have different options. Below are the standard tools.

Home - A description of the group is at the top and below are updates to your group

Feed (Wall) – The feed is viewable on your group home page.  Post quick messages here to share with the group.

Upload Photos – Select this option on the right-hand side to upload photos appropriate for your group

Group Pages – On the top left, select to view sets of group pages posted by your group administrator

Group Directory – Members in your group

Calendar – View events posted by your group administrator

Blogs – These blogs are those only posted to your group

Forums – Threaded discussions for members to participate in

Photo Gallery – A group of photos posted on upload photos

Group Admin – Contact them for administrative help regarding your group

Contact us to suggest a group, for help, or just to say hi!

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